The Needle in the Haystack

You are looking for your grandfather’s birth certificate or a picture of your old school building. You want to produce a radio documentary or a feature film. You need historical expertise. HISTOX gives advice and conducts worldwide research for you, from databases to flea markets, from archives to newspapers. If you don’t know how to start your research,  just ask HISTOX.


Since May 2010, Historical Commission of the Constitutionalized Student Body of Humboldt University Berlin, Exhibition “stud.Berlin – 200 years of university education” in Berlin

2008, Ministry of Justice, Saxony, biographical data on judges and public prosecutors, who were persecuted as Jews after 1933, publication in German [“…are to be retired.”]

2006-2007 Doris Gerteis, Lahr, family history

2006-2007 Lawyers’ Faculty University of Leipzig, information on lawyers who were disposed of their Ph.D. between 1933 and 1945. Publication in German: “Ph.D. withdrawn!”

2006-2008 Cornelsen Publishing House, Berlin, modules for online teaching, “Teachweb”

2006, Susanne Bauer, Berlinsights, Berlin, history of the house located at Unter den Linden 40, Berlin

2005, Dr. Dr. Erich Müller, Bad Windsheim, history of the Jewish communities in Treptow/Rega and Greifenberg (Pomerania)