You Just Have to Know Where to Look

For non-lawyers, access to sources of legal history is often tedious. It begins with the often cryptic citation in the literature. For legal professions, only the current law is applicable. The history of the laws is of no importance. The historical interpretation is one of four equally acceptable methods to unlock the meaning of a statute and to formulate arguments. Historical laws, judgments, commentaries, and literature are often difficult to retrieve. HISTOX can help close that gap and make access to legal history sources easier.

Historical Laws

You can use the here documented laws and regulations (in German). If you have questions about a specific law, HISTOX is ready to help.

  1812-03-11N_Edikt_brgerliche_Verhltnisse_der_Juden.pdf (38.1 KiB, 245 hits)

  1878-07-01G_Rechtsanwaltsordnung.pdf (84.5 KiB, 239 hits)

  1919-08-11_Verfassung_des_Deutschen_Reiches_-_Weimarer_Reichsverfassung.pdf (133.6 KiB, 125 hits)

  1933-02-28_Verordnung_zum_Schutz_von_Volk_und_Staat_-_Reichstagsbrandverordnung.pdf (27.9 KiB, 121 hits)

  1933-03-24_Gesetz_zur_Behebung_der_Not_von_Volk_und_Reich_-_Ermchtigungsgesetz.pdf (26.3 KiB, 140 hits)

  1933-04-07G_Berufsbeamtentum.pdf (39.4 KiB, 338 hits)

  1933-04-07G_Rechtsanwaltschaft.pdf (26.3 KiB, 152 hits)